My name is Robb Prueter, I live in North America and create original illustrations for posters, pins, shirts and stickers. I always loved drawing as a child and took a number of art classes in elementary, middle and high school. In high school I discovered my love for graphic design and learned more of the devices and applications necessary to produce adequate design in the current world. I graduated high school in 2011 with Meritorious Achievement in Digital Design and Outstanding Achievement in Web Design as well as earning certifications in Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and in Photographic Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS4. I moved onward to seek out college and got wrapped up at The Art Institute. Life happens. I currently work as a freelance illustrator and hope to eventually establish a dominant footprint in the industry I occupy. Feel free to email me directly using the boxes below, or directly email me at:​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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